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Sunday, December 4, 2011

a couple of finished works

At last have finished something, got quite a bit on the go, but with this and that have only finished these two today.

The top one is the Old pens at Hill Gap, a pastel painting done over a watercolour base, will be doing more of these, great to have the basic blocks put in with watercolour on a heavy watercolour paper which proved very good for pastel as well.

The lower one is a pastel I did today in one sitting, saw the remains of the sunset as we were leaving Fox Bay the other night, and just had to do it.  Corny - yes - but it was a lovely sight!

Monday, November 14, 2011

couple of Nicky to go with Nat

two more pastel portraits this time of my youngest grandson, Nicky - he's 16 months now.  I had a real struggle with these trying to avoid the Hamster-with-full-pouches look in the full face portrait, quite difficult.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A couple of Nat

I got this far with these today after a couple of days struggling with them.  They are two pastel portraits of Nat (my eldest grandson) on Ingres Paper.  Practice pieces really.  The top one is just a bit dreamy but I feel the bollom one has got to be titled - "It's not fair".  May do some more work on these.

Crazy Dog

"Crazy Dog" A pastel portrait of Ducu, one of my stepdaughters dogs - a great character.  This is on blue Ingres paper, roughly 12 in square.   It took just over two hours, not including preliminary preparation work, just the actual painting.


Right, first step, I think this is connected to my Facebook page, now I wonder if the Link above is the way to join it to my website......in for a penny in for a pound.... let's try it.....


Onwards and Upwards

Back again after long time, quite a bit of work finished and the new conviction that the blog could be a GOOD THING.  Also will be trying to get it all connected to my website and Facebook page so that everything hangs together.  In other words trying to look like a proper artist with all the modern technology at my fingertips.  (I'm sure none of you will be fooled by this!).

The above paintings are the finished results of the last post showing these paintings as work in progress - the last time I put anything on here 18 months ago now.   I'm showing them because it was "unfinished business" so that's that loose end tied up.