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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A long time away

A ring of Olive trees Oil on board 60 x 80cm

Sunlit Olives Oil on board 60 x 80cm

Arabian head Oil on canvas 48 x 60cm

Ripples 1 Oil on board 50 x 60cm

These are the oil paintings I've managed to produce this whole season - and it doesn't seem like much - the two of olive trees are quite big 60 x 80cm, the horse is 48 x 60cm and the ripples is 50 x 60cm.  There was also this landscape, of Chartres, a commission:- again an oil painting, 40 x 80cm.

On the other hand we've been doing a lot of travelling around, with the trip to Australia and also to Greece to see to things there, so that was two months out of it, apart from the travels to and back from France.  Quite the rolling stone this year!

I've also got two pastels and another ripples painting half done, they'll get finished when they arrive back in the Falklands in December, and in the meantime there are lots of things in my head to be done before that.  So I will try to be better about keeping this up to date.  I always think time on the computer is time wasted but of course it isn't really, actually a great way of keeping in touch with quite a lot of you out there, and I have neglected the blog  :(

I was reading a magazine in a hospital waiting room this morning, and there was an interesting little piece about the benefits of standing up rather than sitting down all the time - apparently it's good all round, increases metabolic rate, helps prevent diabetes, improves circulation etc etc (you get the drift) so maybe there's a good reason why I actually prefer to paint standing up!

Dying to get home now - see you all down there soon!

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  1. Sono molto belli, complimenti!!Felice inizio settimana...ciao