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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

doing a bit of work

Been doing a bit of work - inspired (or spurred on perhaps!) by the thought of putting on an exhibition in the Falkland Islands Government Office next year.  I would like it to be all new paintings and drawings, so will have my work cut out to get enough done to make a decent show, so have started on some drawings here, can't do much else in this little mobile and with few materials, but I can draw at least.  This is the first of them.

It is water-soluble graphite, which I love because it is possible to get nice deep dark tones, on heavy NOT water-colour paper that will accept water without buckling, so you don't need to stretch it.  Quite a nice texture also for drawing, although I might try some rough paper when I get home.  Got plenty there.   It measures 16 by 12 so by the time it's been mounted and framed it will be a decent size.

Nothing wrong with small work mind you - looks really good hung in a close and cohesive group.

Got more drawing in the pipeline over the next couple of days I hope, so will post them when done.

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